Maro’s Shrimp House—Cabo San Lucas

If you have travelled to Cabo San Lucas to savor a firsthand experience of digging into the finest delicacies all across the globe, the choice has certainly been spot-on! Ranging from authentic Mexican to new age American and Japanese, Cabo provides it all! However, regardless of the style of cuisine you actually choose here, the realm of specialties served across eateries all through Cabo San Lucas is essentially seafood! Considering that fresh catch is used in most preparations here owing to the coastal nature of the town, seafood delicacies like the ones served at the Maro’s Shrimp House are not to be missed here on any account.

Maro’s Shrimp House—Some Basic Information

Quite unlike most Cabo restaurants that open up only for dinner, the Maro’s Shrimp House is an option that can be considered for lunch as well! The operational hours are from noon to 10pm on all days of the week. For those of you who aren’t aware, the restaurant is located in Idalgo, just to the southern side of Plaza Amelia Wilkes and Madero in the Around Town area. The average prices of main course dishes range from 180 pesos to 260 pesos (about 13 pesos for every 1 American dollar), depending upon the kind of delicacy you choose. Both MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted here in case you are not keen on carrying along too much cash. It is generally cheaper though to pay in pesos when in Cabo; this is no different than anywhere else in Mexico or around the world.

Maro’s—The History

Reportedly, the Maro’s Shrimp House is a fresh reincarnation of a yesteryear eatery that was most popular in Cabo but was forced to close down a few years back. Maro, the chief chef here was employed in this restaurant and was certainly in love with the place. A few years after its closure, Maro decided to reincarnate the same mood with a new name and new address. That’s how Maro’s Shrimp House came about.

Maro’s—The Food and Feel

If you are yearning for the best tasting seafood in town without any frills and fanfare, Maro’s Shrimp House is the place to be in. Maro sticks to the formula which clearly states that “taste is king”. So, he serves some of the most delicious prawn and lobster delicacies which are devoured by raucous crowds in a fashion like they are soon to become extinct! Such is the magic of fresh flavors and aromatic spices! You can buy seafood in no nonsense fashion by weight and combine it with chilled beer, simple, raw, and undoubtedly tasty!

Apart from the regular chilled can of beer, the place is also famous for its homebred cocktail which they call “Bulldog”. It is a mixture of fizzy lemonade, beer, and tequila and tastes somewhat like tequila shandy. The drink would be served atop purified ice in a large goblet. What’s more! If you succeed in conquering the current drinking record of 18 such bulldogs in a row, you get your name painted on the wall!

Maro’s—The Ambience

The ambience at Maro’s Shrimp House is largely loud and informal. So, it might be the right place for fun and merrymaking with family friends and not the best suited for quite romantic dinners or somber meetings. The restaurant is adorned quite casually with folding chairs and illuminated by Christmas lights strung across the ceiling.

If you are a non-seafood eater (really?; are there still some holdouts?) and still happen to visit, consider digging into a steak or some delicious tacos.